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swag clothing store From an preliminary smallscale start up, the brand increased rapidly gained and obtained a reputation first in the usa, then Europe and is right now an internationally recognised outfits and footwear company having a reputation for edgy along with off beat design together with quality construction, demonstrating that this brand is not simply design over substance. This was almost all achieved within a timespan associated with eight years, far going above the two South African buddies initial expectations. Iron Closed fist is a favourite brand of celebs due to the design graphics in addition to offbeat alternative styles. Nationwide exposure and publicity in several magazines helped to raise the particular brand's profile with the Zebracorn and the Zombie Stomper greatly featured in style magazines.

Metal fist heels, flats as well as bags are rapidly getting must have items for the attractive grunge fans out there along with shoes sporting such brutal names as the Ruff biker ballerina and the Sugar Witch range. Booze cruise check out toe platform shoes as well as the Digiskull platform court footwear are two more samples of the outrageous names through the Iron Fist range. swag clothing store The businesses own blog describes by itself as a brand as both energetic and raw and says that they never want to be regarded as mainstream regardless of the exposure and also success the brand has quickly achieved. I think Iron Fists will always remain an extremely market brand though, the two creators are determined to remain faithful to the original ethos of the brand, set up to make clothing and shoes purely because they wanted to and never really interested whether you purchase it or not, it's your decision, I don't think the guys in Iron Fist really treatment. They just make the clothing they want to make.

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