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swag clothes for guys Iron fist is an revolutionary and distinctive brand of clothes and footwear. It is started by two friends who had been both bored with the existing apparel and footwear that was currently on the market for skateboarding as well as action and adventure sports activities. They thought they could also than the existing brands previously out there in the stores. Brands such as the once cutting edge No Worry and Swag had become industrial over time and as they grew to become more popular they just appeared to be getting more commercial. Mike and also Travis, the two friends who else coincidentally are both from Newcastle, south africa too, longed for go back to the bygone days of a-hole and skate being carefully linked. They wanted garments and footwear with an mindset, clothes that could make a declaration and shout look at me personally, "I am rebellious".

These were founded in San Diego, Ca, initially out of the boot of the car, that's the trunk in case you are American. They quickly acquired a small but loyal subsequent and went onto set up Iron Fist as a brand to become reckoned with, a brand that may be associated with street cool and also the attitude and style they considered was missing. swag clothes for guys Within 5 years, Iron Fist Clothes had expanded from for sale out of the boot of a vehicle by creators Travis Anderson and Mike van Senus to becoming a globally recognized brand with a huge range of separately designed and distinctive items. And despite being a globally success Iron Fist offers retained it's connection to the actual skate and alternative songs scenes that led to it can conception.

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