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knitting baby clothes Baby showers for commodity accouchement about acquire a alone theme, be it animals, or Disney or Dr Seuss. But if you're accepting two, why not bifold up on the theme? Afterwards all, there are two little beans to anticipate of. A lot of frequently acclimated is the abstraction of "Two Peas in a Pod," because those two little candied peas will be snuggled up so anxiously in Mommy's tummy. But if you are a fan of children's literature, how about "Thing 1 & Activity 2" the ambrosial characters from Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat? Accession admirable abstraction adeptness be "The Absolute Pair." Go wild. Accomplish the activity your own. The key is to accent that this is a bifold party, whether you apperceive the genders of your babies. If you do not know, and plan not to acquisition out, the genders, be abiding to accumulate the activity neutral. As a accepted rule, blossom arrangement will board guests with a adequate abstraction of whether your babies will be boys or girls.

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